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Herald Press is the book publishing imprint of MennoMedia, a ministry of the Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. Our goal is to publish books from an Anabaptist perspective that are honest in presentation, clear in thought, stimulating in content, and that lead to the spiritual growth and welfare of the reader.

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Rewilding the Way

Rewilding the Way

FWhen did we become so tame? How has "the good life" come to mean addiction to screens and status, fossil fuels and financial fitness? Can we break free to become the joyful and prophetic people God calls us to be? Trek along with wilderness guide Todd Wynward as he "rewilds" the Jesus Way.

Gather Around the Amish Table

Gather Around the Amish Table

Straight from Amish kitchens to yours, this cookbook offers favorite family recipes and charming stories from Amish and Mennonite cooks. These cherished recipes speak of comforting traditions, lively communities, and strong Christian faith. Sample the nourishing fare and trademark charm of the plain people and, in the words of one cookbook contributor, "Bake someone happy!"

Peace, Progress and the Professor

Peace, Progress and the Professor

In this engaging narrative biography, historian Perry Bush chronicles Smith's childhood in an Illinois farming community, his youthful turn toward intellectual inquiry, and his confidence that Anabaptist faith and life offer gifts to the wider world. Volume 49 in the Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History Series.

Spark: Retreat Kit

Retreat Kit

Take time away to discover God's creative story. Do you ever fantasize about getting away from day to-day life to connect with other women? With time to dwell in God's word and worship together? Spark: Igniting Your God-Given Creativity retreat kit helps women discover God as the original creator, the joys of being created in God's good image, and nurture their own creative spirits.

Christian. Muslim. Friend.
Twelve Paths to Real Relationship

Christian. Muslim. Friend.

Can Christians and Muslims be friends? Real friends? Even in an era of intense religious conflict, David Shenk says yes. In Christian. Muslim. Friend., Shenk lays out twelve ways that Christians can form authentic relationships with Muslims—characterized by respect, hospitality, and candid dialogue—while still bearing witness to the Christ-centered commitments of their faith. Rooted in fifty years of friendship with Muslims in Somalia, Kenya, and the United States, this book will inspire readers with astounding stories of the author's animated conversations with Muslim clerics, visits to countless mosques around the globe, and the pastors and imams who are working for peace..

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