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Herald Press is the book publishing imprint of MennoMedia, a ministry of the Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. Our goal is to publish books from an Anabaptist perspective that are honest in presentation, clear in thought, stimulating in content, and that lead to the spiritual growth and welfare of the reader.

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[Simply in Season]

Simply in Season

More than three hundred recipes organized by season; expanded fruit and vegetable guide. This 10th anniversary edition transforms a beloved cookbook with recipes and stories linking food and faith into a visual masterpiece with colorful photographs to help cooks—novice to seasoned—learn how to prepare local and seasonal produce.

[Changing Lenses]

Changing Lenses

Does the criminal justice system actually help victims and offenders? What does justice look like for those who have been harmed? For those who have done harm? Twenty-five years after it was first published, Changing Lenses remains the classic text of the restorative justice field. Now with valuable author updates.

[Joseph's Dilemma]

Joseph's Dilemma

Book 2 of the Return to Northkill trilogy. Amish teen Joseph Hochstetler is taken into captivity by Native Americans during the French and Indian War. In this story of forbidden love, Joseph finds himself pressed between his unfolding romance with a young Indian woman and the tug of his heritage.

[Hutterite Diaries]

Hutterite Diaries

What would it be like to share all your possessions and live in Christian community? In Hutterite Diaries, Linda Maendel offers a rare glimpse into the daily routines and communal faith of her people, the Hutterian Brethren. Part of the Plainspoken series—real-life stories of Amish, Mennonites and Hutterites.

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