Group Study Guide for

Hebron Journal

[Cover of Arthur G. Gish's Hebron Journal]

Stories of Nonviolent Peacemaking

by Arthur G. Gish

These questions are also available to be downloaded as a Word document or as a PDF file.

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  • Check the 70 places where Hebron is mentioned in the O.T.
  • What is the meaning of the call to Abraham and Sarah in Gen. 12?
  • Was the call for mission or privilege?
  • What was the mission given to Israel?
  • Who are the children of Abraham?
  • Are the children of Ishmael children of Abraham?
  • Are followers of Jesus children of Abraham?


  • What images of Islam do you find in this book?
  • What are your experiences of Islam?
  • How can Muslims, Jews, Christians, and people of other religions live and work together?
  • How can we best witness to people of other religions?
  • What is our witness to other religions?
  • Visit a mosque in your area or learn to know some people of the Muslim faith.


  • How has anti-Semitism affected Jewish-Christian relationships?
  • How has anti-Semitism affected our views of Israel?
  • What images of Judaism do you find in this book?
  • What are your experiences of Judaism?
  • Visit a synagogue in your area or learn to know some people of the Jewish faith.


  • What are your country’s policies toward the Middle East?
  • How have those policies affected the prospects for peace in the region?
  • What do you think about the massive influx of military weapons into the region?
  • How do the events of September 11 affect prospects for peace in the Middle East?


  • What is the biblical basis for nonviolent action?
  • How do CPT actions fit or not fit with your understanding of the Bible?
  • How do you feel about engaging in nonviolent action?
  • Can you think of conflicts near where you live that could be helped by a CPT-type presence?
  • How could you reach out to people involved in some conflict?
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