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Teaching That Transforms

[Cover of Teaching That Transforms]

Why Anabaptist-Mennonite Education Matters

by John D. Roth

Study Guide written by Dale Shenk, Bethany Christian Schools, Goshen, Indiana.

These questions are intended to expand and deepen appreciation for Roth's book. Although page numbers are not provided in most cases, the questions are given in the approximate sequence that the themes occur in the chapters. These questions are also available for download as a Word document or in PDF format.

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Introduction Chapter 4
Chapter 1 Chapter 5
Chapter 2 Chapter 6 / Conclusion
Chapter 3  

Chapter 3: Creating Communities of Learning

  1. The feel of the school
    • Describe a favorite teacher. What makes this person stand out as a favorite?
    • Do you understand the reference to the invisible curriculum on page 97? Review the questions listed there. Use them to assess a school with which you are familiar.
    • Which of worship activities described on page 98 and following resonate with you? Which do you practice?
    • When you walk into a school building, what symbols do you expect? What should be present in a Mennonite school?
    • On page 107 Roth gives a rather ambitious list of the ways that a Mennonite school is different? How do you feel about these? Are they legitimate goals?
  2. In the last part of this chapter Roth lists a series of pedagogical emphases that are part of an Anabaptist approach to education. In what ways are these unique to Anabaptist-Mennonite schools? Explore the connections that the author makes between these approaches and the Anabaptist emphasis on incarnational theology.
  3. Evaluate this list of approaches to education: curiosity, reason, joy, and patience. Prioritize them. Think about the ways that these could be passed on to potential teachers.
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