Group Study Guide for

Whatever Happened to Dinner?

[Cover of Whatever Happened to Dinner?]

Recipes and Reflections for Family Mealtime

by Melodie M. Davis

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Chapter 14: Waiting for the "Ping": The Joys of Preserving Foods

Scripture: Luke 22:19-20

Why do we usually practice communion in a group? What does being with a community of Christian believers mean to you? What do you usually think about when you are taking communion? Why are we asked to examine ourselves before taking this holy meal? Do you do so? How can we be more faithful and honest in doing that?

  1. Do you preserve foods? If no, why not? If so, why do you? Have a discussion of practices in your group, without one group or side feeling superior or inferior to the other.
  2. What happens to our motivation to eat healthily when a loved one who has eaten super-healthful foods all their life and exercised regularly dies at a too-early age of cancer or heart attack?
  3. Any locavores or vegetarians or vegans in your group? Discuss your food lifestyles and why you have chosen to eat the way you do.
  4. What was the food lifestyle of the family in which you grew up? How does that compare to your current household?
  5. Is preserving foods only for rural people? Why or why not? Discuss expense, time, and benefits of eating locally produced foods versus other factors.
  6. If you grow food, what is your favorite crop for harvesting and preserving? What is your least favorite?
  7. Why do we usually practice communion in a group? What does being with a community of Christian believers mean to you?

Activity: If appropriate, close your group or class on this topic with a simple communion meal. Use the words from pages 212–13 as simple "words of institution" along with reading the Scripture included there. Focus on savoring the taste of the bread and juice. Think about being connected to Jesus and God’s Holy Spirit through this experience.

Or, resolve to fully enjoy each and every bite of your next meal. What kind of focus does that take? Enjoy conversation as well, but truly enjoy the taste of your food and thank God for such gifts. Share experiences with your group.

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