Group Study Guide for

Whatever Happened to Dinner?

[Cover of Whatever Happened to Dinner?]

Recipes and Reflections for Family Mealtime

by Melodie M. Davis

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Chapter 2: The Family That Gardens Together Eats Together

Scripture: Matthew 13:3-9

Read the parable of the soil or sower. What is this parable called in your Bible (compare several translations or paraphrases)? Why did Jesus tell it? What do you know about the cultural and religious situation of the day that would have connected with the original hearers? What does it say for your life? How is any effort at spreading God’s good news potentially miraculous?

  1. Did you enjoy gardening as a child? Do you enjoy it today?
  2. Do you agree that teaching children how food grows is important? Why or why not?
  3. How does an awareness of how food is grown help families?
  4. How can you become more aware of the cycles of nature?
  5. What trends have you observed among family and friends regarding an awareness of where food comes from or an appreciation for locally produced food?
  6. Is there a thriving farmers' market in your area? How does this help children who have no experience in gardens or farming?
  7. Do you observe different food likes and dislikes among your young adult children or other family members today versus when you were their age? What kinds of foods do they like to cook and eat? What can you learn from them? Do they eat more healthful foods than you? What kinds of food did your parents cook?
  8. How can you eat more "in season" foods?

Activity: For a snack, bring only what foods might be in season. Lacking anything fresh, bring food from someone’s freezer or pantry of locally grown foods.

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