Group Study Guide for

Whatever Happened to Dinner?

[Cover of Whatever Happened to Dinner?]

Recipes and Reflections for Family Mealtime

by Melodie M. Davis

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Chapter 3: Work: The Real Enemy of Families

Scripture: Luke 12:13-21

Read the parable as a simple readers’ theater with someone taking the part of Jesus, the voice in the crowd, the rich fool, and God. With which character do you most identify? (It is okay to identify with Jesus or God in the sentiments expressed.) What is God saying to you through this passage?

  1. Use the questions on pages 62–63 as the basis for discussion in the first part of this chapter.
  2. What do you think is the real enemy of family life? What threatens you the most?
  3. How much does culture impact your family?
  4. An Old Order or Amish bishop might caution his church not to rub shoulders too much with neighbors and acquaintances who are not Old Order. What do you think of this? How we can strike a balance with children in terms of protecting them from influences that draw them away from Christian faith while not totally withdrawing from the world?

Activity: List your family’s weekly or monthly “extra” commitments: clubs, athletics, exercise, church committees, meetings, lessons. Beside each item, list how much time you spend each week or month traveling to these activities. Add up the time. Are you happy with this amount of activity? Would you like to do more or less? Discuss as a family or group.

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