Trouble I've Seen

Changing the Way the Church Views Racism

Praise for Trouble I've Seen

Trouble I've Seen

"Reader, brace yourself! Trouble I've Seen is one of the best books I've encountered on race and Christian faith."
—Christena Cleveland

"Drew Hart masterfully cuts through all the platitudes and good intentions to reach the fleshy, beating heart of true justice. An unforgettable read, Trouble I've Seen deserves the church's full attention and considered action. It certainly challenged and changed me."
—Rachel Held Evans, bestselling author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood and Searching for Sunday

"In a critical moment of American history, Drew Hart has given us a book that is vital for the church. Trouble I've Seen captures the complexity of race in its systemic and personal consequences and points us to why race should be central to any Christian's life as a follower of Jesus. It is a book for people who are just beginning this journey and for those of us who need encouragement along the way."
—Brian Bantum, associate professor of theology, Seattle Pacific University and Seminary

"Drew Hart offers himself—his life, his story, his tears, his fire—in the most vulnerable way in the hopes of interrupting the vulgar disposability of black lives in our society. This book is a gift from the heart of one of the sharpest young theologians in this country. Hold it carefully, and allow it to transform you—and our blood-stained streets. Trouble I've Seen will move you to do something about the ugly residue of racism that still haunts us."
—Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution

"Drew Hart makes a courageous and compelling call to the church to get on the road to racial reconciliation and righteousness. He provides practical insights and deep theological reflections in this challenging and necessary resource. You won't be comfortable with this read, but you will be led into the deep waters of the social dilemma and reality of the race matrix. In the end, there is an opportunity for the church to be a bridge over these troubled waters."
—Efrem Smith, president and CEO of World Impact and author of The Post-Black & Post-White Church

"Trouble I've Seen makes it plain: in repenting of white supremacy, we have nothing to lose and everything to be liberated from. Hart refuses to silence two gospel scandals that cannot be separated: that in Christ, Pharaoh's armies are invited into the Promised Land, but the only way in is through the waters, where 'Pharaoh's supremacy' and his chariots are 'drown-ded.' This is the saving solidarity of Christ's cross."
—Jarrod McKenna, award-winning peace activist and cofounder of First Home Project

"Drew Hart is an emerging voice in the one of the most difficult conversations facing the church today—the reality and ongoing effects of white supremacy in American Christianity. He challenges the church to take a long, hard look at its complicity with the racism that still permeates our society and to be transformed in thought, word, and deed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. A provocative, powerful, and necessary book."
—John R. Franke, theologian in residence, Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis

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