Table of Contents


Introduction to Ecclesiastes

The Relevance of Ecclesiastes
The Unity of Ecclesiastes
Author and Audience
Genre and Structure of the Book
The Theme, Rhetoric, and Message of Ecclesiastes
Concerning Translations


1:1 Introduction of Qohelet

Part 1 (1:2–6:9): Human Effort

1:2-11 All Is Vapor
1:12–2:26 The King's Experiment
3:1-22 God's Work in Time and Eternity
4:1-16 Toil for Self and in Community
5:1-7 Words Before God
5:8–6:9 Enjoyment Instead of Greed

Part 2 (6:10–12:8): Human Limits

6:10–7:14 No One Knows What Is Good
7:15-29 Wisdom and Righteousness
8:1-17 Even the Wise Do Not Know
9:1-10 Enjoy Life Now
9:11–10:15 Time and Chance
10:16–11:6 Living with Risks
11:7–12:8 Youth and Old Age


12:9-14 Epilogue

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