"This is a superb volume! How often does one want to begin again to read a commentary as soon as one finishes it? Douglas Miller enables us to see how tremendously appropriate Ecclesiastes is for our times. I look forward to studying this book for a long time."
—Marva J. Dawn, author of Being Well When We're Ill; In the Beginning GOD: Creation, Culture, and the Spiritual Life; and The Sense of the Call

"This commentary is a refreshing effort to balance the hard sayings of Qohelet without casting him as a caustic cynic or hopeless pessimist. Douglas Miller presents a coherent, constructive Qohelet, presenting his thought as fluidly as possible given Ecclesiastes' sudden twists and turns."
—Daniel C. Fredericks, professor of biblical studies, senior vice president and provost, Belhaven University

"Douglas Miller's new commentary is a gift to the church and a wonderful guide for anyone reading Ecclesiastes. His writing is clear and inviting. Best of all, his reflections help bring our world into conversation with the biblical realism and wisdom of ‘the Teacher.' Pastors and students should have this book in their libraries."
—Ray Van Leeuwen, professor of biblical studies, Eastern University

"Douglas Miller creates an accessible way through the twists and turns of a quest for the meaning of life in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. He wrestles with the complexities of the book, letting it speak into the contemporary life of the church. A journey through Ecclesiastes with Miller's helpful insights is well worth the trip!"
—Steven Schweitzer, academic dean and associate professor (Old Testament), Bethany Theological Seminary

"Miller's reflections on the puzzles and paradoxes hidden in this unique biblical book open us to admit questions that we often don't dare ask in church. But they also move us beyond simplistic answers to a deeper wrestling with God's purposes. Miller's commentary invites us to include the writer of Ecclesiastes as a trustworthy companion through the twists and turns of our journey of life."
—Lydia Neufeld Harder, Toronto School of Theology

"The quality of word studies and the clarity of exposition in this volume enable the reader to come to terms with the multivalent character of the text and to experience the richness of the writer's carefully chosen vocabulary. This commentary is a must read for the believer who faces fear and uncertainty in a quest for a deeper faith."
—Bob Neff, former general secretary of the Church of the Brethren

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